# Membership Category Fee Membership Code Pl. Tick
A General Member Rs. 2,500/- [GM]
B Executive Member Rs. 4,000/- [EM]
C Distinguished Member Rs. 11,000/- [DM]
D Institutional Member Rs. 20,000/- [IM]
E Corporate Member Rs. 51,000/- [CM]
F Life Membership Rs. 21,000/- [LM]
G Student Member Rs. 1,000/- [SM]
H Special Member* Free [SpM]

* (Applicable only in case of Sr. citizens, disabled and widows)


  1. The term of memberships will be reckoned from receipt of the form in our office.
  2. Excluding Life membership, all other memberships are annual in nature.
  3. Framed Certificates will be issued to the members of the categories DM, IM, CM & LM.
  4. A small passport-sized Photograph is desired to be attached with the filled-in form.
  5. Membership fee from Cheque or Crossed Bank Draft can be made in favour of “Society for Environment & Development Alliance”.
  6. Form & other documents can be sent to SEDA on the above address through registered post or by credible courier.