Environment & Earth Care

Environment, Earth & Resources Conservation

Promote formation of green-clubs, eco-clubs, nature-clubs, energy-clubs, water & sanitation clubs, and health & hygiene clubs in the schools, colleges and other institutions throughout country, which will help generate a cadre of nature custodians.

Mobilise the efforts to keep cities, towns & rural areas clean, green & pollution free to improve the quality of life.

Ensure restoration of rivers & other water resources, water security and activities related to public health, hygiene & environmental sanitation.

Protect the stock of biological wealth, natural resources like forests, biodiversity, wildlife & protected areas with special reference to climate change.

Promote traditional knowledge system for the conservation & management of natural resources & to ensure equitable access & use of these resources by the poor-tribal in particular & society in general.

Develop & manage eco-parks, herbal & medicinal gardens, nurseries, ethno botanical herbariums & green museums towards research development & demonstration.

Promote & arrange eco-tourism, nature walk, eco-development camps & nature camps.

Undertake programmes of sustainable urban development & management, solid waste management, development of civic amenities & public services.

Promote research, development and demonstration (RD&D) and innovations in the areas of eco-friendly, green-clean technology & low cost technology.

Initiate R&D for bio-energy, bio-fuel, wealth from waste, energy-efficiency, bio-fertilizer, bio-methanation, bio-gas & vermi-composting for the development of our economy & ecology.

Promote the operation of new plants designed for co-generation, resource recovery, biomass conversion, plastic & paper recycling, wind energy, geothermal power & small-scale hydroelectric power with special reference to clean energy & climate change.

Participate in designing, constructing, erecting, commissioning, operating & maintaining sewage & effluent treatment plants for the treatment & disposal of environmental pollutants.

Undertake promotion & development of small rural technologies, micro-enterprises, watershed & wasteland development & management.

Establish & manage research stations and R&D laboratory for EIA/EMP, testing, analysis & monitoring of air, water, soil & other environmental components.