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Proposed Seva Karya:

SEDA in association with Seva Bhoomi has desired and formulated a blueprint of certain programs for public utility & community services, which is to be initiated with sincere support of Corporate, Charitable institutions & generous individuals. The Programs are hereunder:

  1. Procure & launch Mobile Mammography Van to deliver free assessment of Breast Cancer in Rural & Underprivileged Group of Women.

    Rs 01 crore

  2. Do Installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending & Incinerating Machines preferably at PHC/CHCs, Govt. Girls Schools & in Slum-settlements to ensure Environmental Sanitation/ Hygiene and to Mitigate Risk of Cervical, Vaginal or Ovarian Cancers Cancers in Women.

    Rs 50 lakhs annual for 100 units

  3. Free Meals Distribution near AIIMS & Safdarjung Hospitals for Poor Patients & their Care-Givers laying day-in and day-out for the months and more on the footpath around Hospitals came for treatment from other States.

    Budget for 1 year for 100 persons per day @ Rs 25/- per meal x 2 times = Rs 50/- per person per day x 100 = Rs 5000/- per day. For 1 month 30 x 5000 = Rs 1.5 lakhs on fooding. Manpower & vehicle expenses per month @ Rs. 1 lakh, Total expenses per month Rs 2.5 lakhs x 12 months

    Rogijan Seva
    Rs 30 lakhs annual

  4. Setting-up Encephalitis War Room at Gorakhpur to combat with kids killer disease in whole eastern UP.

    Bal Seva
    Rs 05 crores

  5. Transformation/Beautification of Govt. PHCs/CHCs in remote part of UP like small renovations. painting, necessary furniture, fans, water dispensers & tanks and toilets/urinals etc.

    Swastha Bharat Abhiyan

    @ Rs 4 lakhs per Hospital for 10 hospitals per year.

    Rs 40 lakhs annual

  6. Transformation/Beautification of Govt. Primary & Middle Schools in remote part of UP like small renovations as toilets etc, painting, necessary furniture, fans, water dispensers etc.

    Gyan Mandir Seva

    @ Rs 2 lakhs per School for 10 schools per year.

    Rs 20 lakhs annual

  7. Ayodhya: Development of Modern Vriddha Ashram.

    Vriddhjan Seva

    (Facilities: Recreation centre, clinic, reading room, yoga centre etc.)

    Rs 04 crores

  8. Installation of Toilets/Urinals and Garbage bins at public places, in villages & in slums in harmony with Clean India

    Swachha Bharat Abhiyan
    Rs 01 crore annual

  9. Establishment of Kisan Libraries at block or tehsil levels.

    Kisan Seva
    Rs 50 lakhs annual

  10. Establishment of Children Libraries in rural areas & in Schools.

    Rs 50 lakhs annual

  11. Development of Herbal Gardens & Tree Plantation in accord with Green India.

    Rs 50 lakhs annual

  12. Do Welfare Programs for Paramilitary Force/CAPF as BSF, CRPF, CISF, & ITBP, SSB & NSG etc.

    Sainik Seva
    Rs 01 crore annual

  13. Clean and Green Campaign for Delhi & UP Police Stations and Plantation.

    Bhoomaa Seva
    Rs 01 crore annual

  14. Skill-up & other Empowerment Programs for Jail Prisoners towards Reformation & Enhance Basic Facilities in various Prisons.

    Rs 01 crore annual

  15. Construct Vishram Grih, Toilets/Urinals, Set-up Water Facilities etc. and Clean, Green and Glorify Ayodhya a well-known Tirth-sthan.

    Dharma Seva
    Rs 02 crores annual

  16. Goshala Formation (Land, Construction & infrastructure, Cows, Food & fodder and Manpower etc.

    Gau Seva
    Rs 02 crores

  17. Aaarthik Sahyoga to the extremely poor families for their livelihood, health and education.

    Narayan Seva
    Rs 50 lakhs annual

  18. Wedding-Aid to the Girls of Poor Families

    Kanya Laxmi Seva

    @ Rs 2 lakhs per marriage to support 100 marriages per year.

    Rs 02 crores annual

  19. Donation of Basic Home items & utensils must for routine life to the extremely poor families and to the victims of fire, flood, earthquake, accident etc @ a package of about 25,000/- each family.

    Rs 25 lakhs annual

  20. Create District Environmental Interpretation Centres to propagate awareness & inculcate knowledge amongst children and youth towards Nature Conservation.

    Prakriti Seva
    Rs 02 crores per Centre